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 By Playing GrahamMe


Students, 18+ with a .edu email, have the ability to get rid of student loan debt (Not Applicable To Guest Users). (Please go to for more information and Official Rules of Play.)


By Playing GrahamMe: Guests, 18+, can be a part of the GrahamMe community without being an active student.

Here’s How It Works


All eligible student users deserve a chance to earn the scholarship token, an award given to the top user, after score reset deadline (Not Applicable To Guest Users). To do so, each student user gets the same amount of play time per hour to eliminate inequality.


Here’s How It Works: All guest users get the same amount of play time per hour to eliminate inequality.

Rating Guidelines

(Student / Guest)

The following categorizes the user’s thought process to help create and define their “why” as well as improve the GrahamMe community:

1 Trophy = 1 Point (Inappropriate)

2 Trophies = 2 Points (Predictable)

3 Trophies = 3 Points (Average)

4 Trophies = 4 Points (Imaginative)

5 Trophies = 5 Points (Innovative)

(Intentional clean and creative submissions increase your chances of higher ratings.)

Get Started

(Student / Guest)

GrahamMe is all about innovation and collaboration. You should probably get the mental juices flowing by first submitting a Graham (appropriate gif). 5 random players will view the graham you selected, give it a rating, and then have the remainder of the three minutes to create a phrase (their thoughts) that best describes a scenario for that graham (disrespectful or offensive behavior will not be tolerated and could result in the banning of your account). You will then be able to read other user’s thoughts once they arrive in your package of phrases.

Package of Phrases

(Student / Guest)

After receiving your package of phrases, choose the one that, you believe, best fits your gif followed by an appropriate rating for the winner’s efforts. After the gif and phrase gets rated for that challenge, the total rating of both gets combined. If the combined rating of both gif and phrase is an 8 or higher, they will go to the Top Challenge and Graham Lounge (TC&GL for short). The TC&GL can be accessed by turning your phone sideways anywhere inside the app besides in a challenge or the Favorite Folder.


(Student / Guest)

After the winner for a challenge is selected, slide the winner notification to the right and click on the chat bubble. Inside, you can chat with all users in that round to express your thoughts and opinions in a respectful manner (disrespectful communication will not be tolerated and could result in being banned).

Flip 180

(Student / Guest)

Type out and submit your own phrase or choose one from preexisting to see how other users interpret your thoughts through grahams (appropriate gifs). You’ll then receive a Package of Grahams instead of a Package of Phrases. Same rating applies.